Breakups hurt, and the unfortunate truth is that most relationships end in a train wreck, so it’s inevitable that most of us will experience real heartache at some point. While conventional wisdom might tell you that once a couple breaks up, it is best for both parties to move on, that is not always true.

Often every pair of the break will regret as soon as you realize that the grass is not always green (unfortunately you often have this realization at different times). You may have tried everything to get your ex back, but you probably got it wrong, as most people do during times of desperation and high emotional volatility.

While the reason for the breakup plays a big role in your chances of success, almost anyone can get their ex back on a permanent basis. It’s simply about pushing the right buttons schematically while being persistent but not needy or obsessive. This is how you REALLY get your ex back.

Tips to get someone back who lost feelings for you:

1. Understand The Difference Between Persistence & Neediness. It’s Important.

One of the most important factors in getting your ex back is persistence, which means you never give up. It is important that you do not interpret this to mean quadrupling your text messages to your ex every morning, filling out his Instagram DMs, and sending him love letters every day. The more often you do this, the more you reduce your perceived worth in the eyes of your ex. True persistence means never giving up, but also being tactical and not getting in your own way.

The reason we’re going to be covering the same topic in this article is that being needy, obsessive, and downright boring is the number one reason most people can’t get their exes back. It won’t make it impossible to get the relationship back on track, but essentially, you will dig a deeper hole for yourself by doing this.

2. Getting An Ex Back Permanently Requires a Proven Strategy:

You can try to do it all on your own as hundreds of millions of people have tried before you, but if you are not equipped with the right skills and are unwilling to use a proven strategy, the chances of getting your ex back are simple.

This article is sure to help others get their ex back in a matter of weeks. Those people who lost their relationship through cheating, gambling problems, and even incarceration! and disagreement I want to tell you that getting an ex back is very easy.

Again, the worst mistake you can make right now is not being tactical. The definition of insanity is to try the same thing over and over and expect a different result.

Psychologists and therapists agree that the vast majority of people are trying to get their ex back the wrong way; This is simply because most people do not understand human psychology and what creates desire, especially when it once existed and no longer exists. This is information that is not often discussed because a lot of people don’t know about it.

3. Getting Your Ex Back Requires Being Tactical & Having Patience:

Because you are human, you have human instincts and emotions. These instincts and emotions make us special, but they will completely destroy any chance you have of getting back with your ex if you don’t control them. Because of this, over 95% of people are unable to connect with their ex-boyfriend/girlfriend and that is sad. These are people they could have reconnected with, but they didn’t because they were undisciplined.

The main thing to understand is that this is a game of cat and mouse and you do not want to be the cat. You can never get your ex back by force; instead, you need to get them to come to you.

To Sum up:

Nothing is worth more than feelings, they are precious and you need to know how to develop them during your relationship. At the beginning of your love story, you need to make an effort to bring it to life so that you can catch the person you love.

Once in a relationship, you need to know how to carefully keep it. To do this, you must relentlessly maintain them through various measures that ensure that your attraction to one another never wears off. When things end in a breakup, you need to take steps to revive them and cause your ex’s attraction and desire to return for you.

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