In this post, I’m going to give you five different examples of how to get your ex-girlfriend back (or if she’s your ex-boyfriend or ex-wife, the same rules apply).

How to attract an ex-wife who broke up with you and currently doesn’t want anything to do with you.
She doesn’t want to go back to you. You want to go back with her, but she doesn’t feel it.

So how can you make her feel like she’s attracted? How can you take your ex back? This article will surely help you!

1. Be emotionally stronger than her:

Women are naturally drawn to the emotional strength of men (e.g., self-confidence, self-esteem, self-confidence, assertiveness, determination to succeed, etc.). These types of emotional strengths and more are inherently attractive to women.

On the other hand, women feel naturally repelled by emotional weaknesses (e.g. insecurity, self-doubt, low self-esteem, passivity, lack of determination to succeed).

So whenever you interact with your ex, you need to maintain confidence no matter what she says or does to test, confuse, or fool you with you. What you need to understand is that if you can maintain your confidence no matter what she says or does, she will be attracted to you whether she wants it or not.

Attraction is an automatic response that people have for one another.

2. Show her that you’ve moved beyond the level that you were at when she broke up with you:

For example, if a boy was insecure, now is the time to show him that he is emotionally strong.
If a man lacked ambition, now is the time to show him that he has big goals and that he is beginning to make progress toward his big goals in life.

If you took her for granted, you should let her know that we all make mistakes, and that it is possible for a man to change. Then you should make her feel valued, but not in a desperate way.

3. Use humor to make her smile, laugh, and feel happy to be interacting with you:

For example: when he asks you: “What did you do?” You can jokingly say, “Oh, nothing. I’ve been sitting here on the phone for the past four days waiting for you to call me. I haven’t eaten or slept.” Then laugh.
She’ll most likely laugh and know you’re kidding, and you can add, “I grew a beard too while waiting for you to call me. I can finally shave.” Now that you called me It got pretty long. ”

When you talk to her like that, when you use humor to make a woman laugh and smile, and make her feel good about interacting with you, she gets rid of her focus on the negatives.

The relationship doesn’t seem that important anymore because it makes you feel good about you.
Focus on using humor, but don’t overdo it. Just add it to your interactions with her.

Make her laugh and smile because it relaxes the mood between you and her, where she is attracted to you and open to interact with you.

4. Get her to forgive your past mistakes, so she will allow herself to feel attracted to the new you:

When a man tries to get his wife back he often asks, “Can you forgive me?”
Sometimes a woman says it just to say, “Yes, I forgive you,” but she won’t actually forgive him; He just says it.

In order for her to be attracted to the new version of you, you have to get her to truly forgive you.
How? Let him forgive you for his own benefit.

Tell her that forgiving you will make her feel better. (That’s really true).

It will result in her having less or no baggage when you begin a future relationship and it will allow you to look back positively on the relationship you and she had instead of focusing on the negatives and because of it feeling bad.

5. Don’t look at other guys as being competition for her:

Whether men like this natural fact or not, it is true, and that is that women are more attracted to alpha males than any other type of man.

In order for your ex to see you as an alpha animal, you shouldn’t view other guys as competition for you.
It’s not about being a bad boy, an idiot, an idiot, an arrogant guy and walking around and saying, “Oh, I’m so good on and on over.

It’s just a very basic alpha male mentality, and you don’t have to be a bad boy or bad boy to have that mentality.

Think of yourself as the alpha male. Think of yourself as the best guy there is, but also be respectful and considerate of others.

When your ex realizes your calm and relaxed alpha mentality, he’ll naturally have respect and attraction for you.

You won’t be able to stop it. It’s an automatic response that women have. It’s a natural attraction and women can’t turn it off. Women are inherently respectful and attractive to alpha males.

To Sum up:

Everyone has bugs and problems. If your partner wants to break up with you, it means that he doesn’t love you enough and doesn’t want to fix things with you. You have to make them feel like you deserve it. You need to increase your value.

In this article I mentioned all sorts of ways I could get her to change her mind.

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