Don’t you feel the relationship anymore? Do you feel like your partner has been something out of place lately? Are you afraid that your partner will quietly lose interest in the relationship nightmares? If your partner has acted strange and strange, there is a high chance that your concerns about not getting involved in the relationship are not unfounded.

To decide how best to deal with this situation, the first thing you need to do is ascertain whether this perceived disinterest is real or has just built up in your head. Knowing how to identify the signs of losing interest in a relationship can give you the clarity you need.

1. No interest in making plans is among signs your significant other is losing interest

When two people date or have a committed relationship, they expect to spend time together. Therefore, in healthy relationships, couples proactively plan to be for each other. After all the stress at work, there is nothing more rejuvenating than a night out with your buddy.

Time together should relieve stress for both of you. Does your partner, who once jumped up at the prospect of seeing you, seem disinterested in any plans? Is he aloof even when planning dates? Did you cancel at the last minute?

This is one of the warning signs that your partner is losing interest in you. Perhaps they are unhappy with the way things are going, or maybe this is a case of boredom in the relationship. Either way, romance and quality times are MIA.

2. Your partner isn’t responding to your texts

One of the signs that you may lose interest in a relationship is when your partner becomes very negligent in maintaining communication. In the early stages of their relationship, the two would text and phone each other several times a day. It would be difficult to get them to do so. Hang up and it seems like you never run out of things to talk about.

Does your operating system behavior seem a little cold now? Dodge your calls and SMS and rarely call you back? It’s like they’re avoiding you and you can’t even tell exactly why. Communication problems seem to be increasing and there is no way out. Sometimes even his phone has priority over you. (This is called phubbing in a relationship, by the way.)

3. They don’t pay attention anymore:

Imagine trying to have a conversation with your partner in which you speak alone. You ask questions and he gives vague answers, which shows his lack of interest in a relationship with you. It literally feels like talking to a wall! They remain stuck to her phone, busy texting or checking her social media.

Listening and making your partner feel appreciated are essential qualities in a good and healthy relationship, but your partner constantly makes you feel that he is not listening to you and that he is ignoring you. They feel like they are giving other things priority over you.

The absence of communication is a harbinger of doom. A couple that talks well, walks the road of love well. And for how long can this silence last? This lack of attention is one of the signs of losing interest in a relationship.

4. Your partner treats you like an outsider:

If you suddenly feel like a stranger in your partner’s life, consider this one of the unmistakable signs that interest in a relationship is being lost for advice. When you find out about their problems, they’ll shut you out and say it doesn’t affect you.

For example, consider the following: You come home and see that you have a long day behind you. Try one way or another to ask what happened. There is no right answer for a long time, and finally he says that he is tired and is going to bed. He’ll talk to you in the morning. This tendency to leave you out is one of the tell-tale signs that your husband is losing interest in the relationship,

Your partner is practically treating you like an acquaintance, and you don’t feel like you are in a relationship for plausible reasons for the withholding or secrecy that may be but can also be passed on to you. Tell your partner what Jim Rohn wrote: “The walls we build around us to keep sadness away also prevent joy.”

To Sum Up

If you see all the signs that your partner is losing interest in the relationship, it is only a matter of time before they break up and move on. Don’t let this go through with you. Make yourself strong and gather the courage to choose you over the relationship.

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