Anyone who has been in a longstanding relationship can testify that all relationships go through phases of ebb and flow, closeness and distance, intimacy and separation. These phases are a natural part of any relationship and can be traced back to a number of things. Like the stress level of you or your partner, the relationship has had a few years or a level of trust that is broken. Sometimes we naturally return to intimacy and closeness, but sometimes it takes active work to get out of the routine! Regardless of what got you into this routine in the first place, there are practical steps you can take to rekindle your intimacy emotionally and physically and to regain the spark in your relationship.

Tips to Put the Spark Back in Your Relationship:

Learn How To Control Your Emotions:

When you were in high school you probably felt like the world was going to end more than once because of the first time you faced many situations and emotions, but as an adult, with age and experience on your side, you look probably back … and laugh at your “insurmountable” problems. You have learned to manage these emotions, and you can use the same principle to revive a relationship.

Relationships are full of emotions, you may even be new to some of them, but you can control emotions like frustration, anger, and anger like anyone else. You don’t have to get carried away by your feelings or hold them back. Allow yourself to feel them, then ask yourself what they are telling you. Get to the root of the emotion and share it with your partner rather than the emotion itself.

Defuse Conflict With Fun:

When figuring out how to revive a relationship, you never avoid conflict just because you are afraid to solve problems. Couples who are serious about breaking up a relationship know that conflict, if handled correctly, leads to growth. The key is to address the problem before it gets out of hand, but find a way to make it fun instead of weighing it down.

If you start arguing with your partner, fast forward to the laughing part. Don’t avoid the problem, mitigate it with humor. Try to get annoyed about the problem while performing a ridiculous dance or talking about it in a cartoon voice. Once you start laughing, and you will, you can learn to connect your partner with happier emotions even if there is a conflict between the two of you.

Mending a broken relationship is a painful and arduous process, even if done right. If you are able to laugh with your partner and connect through humor and ease, you can work your way through difficult terrain together and forge a truly fulfilling relationship. .

Write It Down:

When trying to rekindle love, some couples have difficulty expressing their feelings face-to-face. This can be due to fear of how their words will affect their partner, uncertainty that they will pronounce the words correctly, or limiting beliefs about their communication skills. Some just  communicate better in writing, especially in the early stages of relationship rebuilding.

Writing down your thoughts can be a great way to consciously apologize, process difficult feelings, or express your love and appreciation for your partner. When you’re done, you can give the piece you wrote to your partner or keep it. The aim of the letter is to help you understand your own feelings and find the right words for the person you love.

Build A Happy Memory Bank:

Every couple goes through difficult times and it is easy to focus on negative experiences. To counter them, build a bank of happy memories that you can both think of as you struggle. Joy and connection, you relive these memories and rekindle love. To construct your memory bank, plan regular date nights and recognize special occasions.

Find a reason to celebrate, even if it means to celebrate for no reason. Create traditions that are comforting and strengthen your connection. Be friendly and empathetic to one another and use every opportunity to strengthen your partner.

To Sum Up:

The initial passion and spark of an early relationship can sometimes fade over time. There are things you can do to get that spark back when things slow down. Work on yourself, spend time with your partner, and review past moments in your relationship.

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